7 Areas of Development

  • Language

    Language Development plays a major role in a child’s development. Language skills develop through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Here at Little Legends, children learn to appreciate and use language through Speech and Drama, Storytelling and more. They will learn not one, but three languages, namely English, Mandarin and Malay.


    Physical development or motor development (gross and fine motor skills) plays a pivotal role in the child’s growing up years. At Little Legends, we strive to help children develop their fine and gross motor skills through play based and hands-on activities. Music and Movement classes, as well as Craft sessions help to further strengthen hand-eye coordination.


    Our curriculum incorporates creative elements that allow children the freedom to express and react. Children are encouraged to think creatively beyond the traditional limits of doing things. Creative thinking skills and innovation are the two main areas of focus in creative development.


    One of the drawbacks of our technology-savvy generation is the lack of physical social interaction among people. Our programme features group-based activities designed to inculcate socio-emotional development. Children learn to interact with one another, work together, share and communicate.


    Problem solving is the main element in cognitive development. Our curriculum incorporates problem-solving skills through Speech and Drama. Crafts as well as Mathematics and Science. We encourage children to think out of the box to find alternative solutions for the challenges they may face during the lessons. Facilitated and monitored independent learning ensures that a child is always assured of his or her decisions and actions.

    Values & Citizenships

    Our syllabus incorporates character-building lessons that inculcate positive values and the spirit of patriotism in our children.

    Nutrition & Hygiene

    Through Food Crafts activities, our little ones learn about the food pyramid and the benefits of nutrition to their growth. They also discover the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene.