• My daughter couldn’t speak very well, but after joining Little Legends, her vocabulary increased significantly. She can even speak in full sentences now.

      If you’re considering daycare for your child, I highly recommend Little Legends. The learning environment is great, and I can see that the teachers truly love the children under their care. I know without a doubt that I can trust them with my daughters when I leave to work.

      Joy Teh
    • The curriculum at Little Legends is excellent, and the team uses very creative methods to teach. Josiah’s vocabulary has really improved, and he’s now so excited about learning and reading. His favourite sessions are outdoor play and music. When he gets home, he grabs his little ukelele and imaginary drums, and off he goes!

      I also find that teachers here are very passionate. Their love for the kids are genuine, and I believe this is the key reason why my son is able to evolve and grow so much.

      Michelle Sebastian
    • The biggest change that we have seen in Judah is how he responds socially. I believe this comes about because the teachers at Little Legends really love the children and provide very personalised care. They are truly committed, and keep giving their best each day. Also, Little Legends practises open communication with parents. If I have any concerns, I can contact them directly at any time or drop in, and their response is always quick.

      We want our kids to get the best care even when they are apart from us. So seeing how the teachers take the care of the children beyond that of just their duties really reassures me. When the heart is right, the art would then surely be right too.

      Jill Ho
    • One very good change that we can see in our child is that she’s socialising much better. She is not as shy as she used to be, and is a lot more confident. For example, when she meets our neighbours in the lift, she’ll greet them with a smile and have eye contact too.

      Hun Loong & Suk Ling