Our Syllabus

  • Here at Little Legends, we believe in helping children grow holistically. We understand that every child has unique learning abilities, and also learns at different paces according to his or her age.

    Our curriculum is designed based on the Developmental Appropriate Practice, which takes every child's developmental milestones into consideration. Each term, we select a specific theme and our children learn about different topics related to that theme through play-based activities, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Music and Movement, Science and Mathematics, as well as Speech and Drama sessions.

  • Children are always curious and eager to play, explore and experiment. They learn better when given free will to express themselves. Music and Movement classes help develop creativity, psychomotor skills, and assist in boosting a child's confidence. During our sports sessions, our children get the opportunity to participate in ball games, telematches and more, all of which helps to further strengthen their physical development and confidence around other people. Here, they learn to work as a team, as well as individually.

    Communication is a key part of a child's development. We cultivate literacy through story telling, reading, meaningful conversations and singing. Speech and Drama classes encourage new vocabulary and word pronunciation, as every child learns role-play, poem recital and acting. This helps them familiarize with individual letters and words, as well as build their confidence to communicate.

  • Activities such as Arts and Crafts, Food, Craft and Science introduced at an early age help completes the cycle of wholesome development for little ones. Children get to participate in nature walks, cooking and food preparation lessons, and more. In addition, they are exposed to the world of numeracy through many of our activities. Little ones learn how to count by working with quantity, patterns, grouping, and scoring.

    Another highlight of our programme is the introduction of a second language. Every week, our children will artistically learn Mandarin and Malay through play-based activities, storytelling and singing. Rest assured, we've designed a curriculum that will help your child develop wholesomely, while laying a strong foundation for your child's education in his or her coming years.