Our Program

  • Music & Movement

    Development Focus: Physical, Language, Creative, Socio-Emotional

    Children learn to understand and interact with themes by exploring sights and sounds through music, and express themselves through movement.

    Speech & Drama

    Development Focus: Language, Cognitive, Creative, Socio-Emotional

    Children learn to understand and respond to themes through role-play, storytelling, poem recital and drama.

    Arts & Crafts

    Development Focus: Creative, Fine Motor Skills, Socio-emotional, Cognitive

    Children learn to understand and explore themes through hands-on art and craft activities.

    Food Crafts

    Development Focus: Nutrition, Creative, Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive, Socio-Emotional, Language

    Children discover themes and creatively express what they have learnt through food crafts.


    Development Focus: Gross Motor Skills, Language, Socio-emotional, Cognitive, Values

    Children get involved in themes through play-based activities, games and sports.


    Development Focus: Language Skills, Values & Citizenships

    Children learn three languages, namely English, Malay, Mandarin, through reading, speaking, writing and listening activities.

    Science & Mathematics

    Development Focus: Cognitive, Physical, Creative, Language, Nutrition & Hygiene, Socio-emotional, Values & Citizenships

    Children learn fundamental Mathematics and Science concepts and skills through experiments and mathematical games such as counting and sorting numbers.